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“From The Mouths of Babes” (From The MOB) is a collection of impromptu
‘on the street’ interviews about Love, Life, and Self

“From the Mouths of Babes” is a 3 question impromptu interview project created by actress Adrienne Wilkinson. All subjects are asked 3 questions:

1. What’s your favorite thing about you?
2. What advice would you pass on to others?
3. What advice would you give about love?

...and the answers have been fascinating. The interviews are available as individual clips and also edited into compilation episodes. We hope you will explore the site for our featured interviews, and visit the MOB YOUTUBE CHANNEL to view all of our content which currently features over a thousand interviews, including many celebrities.

The project was originally women sharing advice with women, but it quickly grew to include advice from a wide array of people. The answers are proof that everyone has something important to share and that we can all learn from each other.

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MOB Creator – Adrienne Wilkinson

The answers are surprising, amusing, delightful, and inspiring.

In addition to being best known for her role as Xena’s daughter Livia/Eve from the hit series Xena: Warrior Princess, Adrienne has also made many notable television appearances including guest starring roles on Charmed, Days of Our Lives, ER, and Angel, as well as series regular roles on Venice, Goodnight Burbank, and As If. She has made appearances in fan favorite films including Raze, Alpha Force, The American Failure and Reflections, for which she won several awards.

She has produced several independent films and has voiced more than 50 lead characters in top animation projects and high profile video games including Daughter, the personification of the Light side of the Force, in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and as the voice, and physical model, for Maris Brood, the female Jedi in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed franchise.

Adrienne is also known for her charity work, which includes a focus on literacy programs, animal welfare, and children. MOB started as a personal project interviewing friends and family, and has grown to hundreds of interviews recorded in multiple countries and viewed by thousands.

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MOB Feedback

“I LOVE the MOB project! Well done! You have a true gift for getting people to pour out their all too often guarded hearts,
and that is highly unusual.” – Tracy Scoggins

“It is a wonderful way to see all the beauty in everyone. A quick snapshot of real life by real people. There isn’t time for practiced or rehearsed responses.
What’s there in the heart just jumps out I think.” – Janice Allison

“This is a very life-affirming and warm project. I am waiting with great anticipation for each new installment. What fun it must have been to interview these wonderful people and get their perspectives. Bravo!” – Liisa Paulson Dickson

“It’s always a pleasure to see those videos.” – Alti31

“MOB is genius! Hearing advice on love, life and self from those who inspire me. What more could a girl ask for? Thank You!” – @Kelicious21

“These videos are an important part of my morning rituals.” – Frank Hinz

“Thank you very much Adrienne for this smart, funny, wise, magical and overwhelming moments when we can question ourselves about everything.”

“It is almost impossible to name the “favorite” MOB video …simply because they are all so fabulously unique that you cannot really compare them or choose one over the other…because they all are kind of linked to one another…they add up so synchronistically that they all belong to the ONE MOB.” – Kristina Niemann

“Amazing! Sensitive and inspiring idea.” – viviannicss

“Thank you for this positive energy.” – darkman77219

“These are really inspirational!” – Slapapow

“Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!” – ssmiaka

“This project is fantastic and so insightful! Thank you for the interview.” – KimKashi Cosplay

“The videos really are inspirational.” – Amphodia

“This is very heart warming and life affirming.” – Myriah Pilling