3 Questions in 3 Minutes

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What is From the Mouths of Babes?
From the Mouths of Babes, also known as From the Mob and MOB, is a collection of impromptu, on-the-street, 3-question interviews on love, life and self.
How do you choose whom to interview?
All of the interviews have been conducted by Adrienne. The interview subjects have included friends, family, coworkers, fans and more. Interview subjects include women and men and (so far) have ranged from age 4-94.
When did MOB start?
Adrienne started gathering interviews in 2011 and launched MOB in 2012.
What is the point?
From the Mouths of Babes hopes to bring some humor, fun, insight and wisdom to your day.
When do you add content?
New videos are added to the youtube channel Mon, Wed, Fri, with compilation episodes twice a month.
Are you going to interview -insert name here-?
If the opportunity presents itself—yes! Adrienne is open to interviewing anyone. The interviews are conducted in person with people she runs into each day. So you never know who could be added to the roster of interviews.
Can I submit my own video answers?
We are not accepting self submissions at this time. Keep checking this site, follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook and we’ll keep you updated.
How can I help MOB?
Love From the Mouths of Babes? Want to help? The best thing you can do is spread the word. Forward and post links to our site, our videos and our channel. Many of our videos include famous faces and we would love any help reaching their fan bases. Thank you!
How can I contact you?